Wednesday 22.02
  • 19:00 "Tasting with tones", Danebu Kongsgaard three course dinner with music at Danebu Kongsgaard. We will start the festival at Danebu Kongsgaard, with great food and music played by performers from the festival. Kr 695. Registration and payment to Danebu Kongsgaard (D).
Thursday 23.02
  • 17:00 Dinner and lecture at Frydenlund Skysstasjon Aurdal, Aurdal We would like to invite you to a taster with food and a lecture about Hamsun and Grieg and their connection to Aurdal before the opening concert in Aurdal Church at 19.30.
  • 19:30 Festival Opening, Aurdal church Opening Speech by Olemic Thommessen. The festival's opening concert, with works by, amongst others, Tchaikovsky, Bartok and Sibelius in solo and chamber music format.
Friday 24.02
  • 11:30 Visit to Gallery Hilsen, Garlivegen, Fagernes The valley's most recognised visual artist, Eva Laila Hilsen, welcomes us into her "House of Life", speaks about her work and displays her paintings, prints and drawings.
  • 13:00 Mini concert with lunch at Noraker Gard, Aurdal Mini concert with festival performers at Noraker Gard, with lunch included. Nils Noraker talks about the farm and rakfisk (a Norwegian delicacy consisting of fermented fish). Glass art exhibition by Brit Noraker. Buffet with specialties and local food.
  • 17:00 "Musical Aperitif" at Danebu Kongsgaard, Aurdalsåsen A musical tasting with a little extra before the evening concerts in Aurdal. A nice get-together, where drinks and snacks will be served. Package deal for Friday night includes two concerts, Aurdal Church at 18:30 and I Kveldsetun with Ingrid Bjørnov in SMIA at 21.30. Drinks and light refreshments will be served. There will be a bus from Danebu down to the concerts, and bus back up to Danebu after the concert in SMIA. Kr 500. Registration and payment to Danebu Kongsgaard (D)
  • 18:30 Church Concert, Aurdal Church Concert in Aurdal. Premiere of a new piece composed for Eldbjørg and Ragnhild Hemsing by Olav Anton Thommessen, and chamber works by Schubert and Brahms. Length: 75 minutes Kr 290/200 (T)
  • 21:30 "I kveldsetun" with Ingrid Bjørnov, SMIA in Aurdal A late night concert in SMIA in Aurdal. Musicians from the festival will perform as guest artists. Ingrid Bjørnov is Norway’s leading humoristic pianist. She has entertained Norway for 35 years, first as a pop artist in the duo Dollie, and later as composer of musicals and as a bandleader. In the last 15 years, she has worked as a musical stand-up comedian, TV-presenter and author. Ingrid Bjørnov plays classical music backwards, she gargles O mio babbino caro in the original key, and she alleges that Benny Andersson and Edvard Grieg are one and the same person. Length: 75 minutes Kr 300/200 (T)
Saturday 25.02
  • 11:00 Guided ski tour from Danebu to Bjørgovarden, Aurdalsåsen The tour finishes at Aurdal mountain church with the concert "Musikksporet" (Musical Trail) at 14.00. Tour guide: Gerda Grøndahl. Meeting place for the ski tour: the car park at Danebu Kongsgaard. Bring your own packed lunch. (Booking: IR)
  • 12:00 "Musikksporet" (Musical Trail) at 12:00, Aurdal Mountain Church, Aurdalsåsen Matiné concert with works by Mozart and Grieg. Here, visitors can ski to the concert, try out the wonderful ski slopes in the area, take off their skis outside the mountain church, enter wearing full ski gear and enjoy 45 minutes of classical music before they put their skis back on again and continue the ski trip. Length: 45 minutes. Kr 260/150 (T)
  • 14:00 "Musikksporet” (‘Musical Trail’) at 14:00, Aurdal Mountain Church, Aurdalsåsen Same concert and program as the Musical trail concert at 12.00. Length: 45 minutes Kr 260/150 (T)
  • 14:00 Family concert, SMIA in Aurdal Musicians of the future. Concert with The Junior Ensemble of Barratt Due from Oslo, with Sigyn Fossnes as conductor. Soloists: Bjørg Pas and Ragnhild Hemsing. Contributing to the concert will be the local children’s orchestra, Valdres strings. Length: 60 minutes Kr 240 (adults), kr 0 under 16 (T)
  • 14:00 Guided tour of the langeleik exhibition at Valdres Folk Museum, Fagernes A particularly Norwegian instrument, the langeleik (a Norwegian zither), has traditionally been played in large parts of Norway, but Valdres is the only area which has an unbroken living tradition of langeleik playing. The langeleik exhibition at Valdres Folk Museum presents new knowledge about - and a large variety of designs of – the instrument. For more information about the museum, see Kr 100 / 50, payment at the door
  • 15:00 Concert Chat in the function room at Valdres Folk Museum, Fagernes "We must commit to feeling young!". A concert chat about the life and music of the ever youthful Edvard Grieg (1843-1907), and about art as the "excess of longing", written and performed by pianist Tor Espen Aspaas. Length: 45 minutes Kr 150/50 (T or ticket on the door)
  • 19:00 "The Virtuoso", SMIA in Aurdal Presenters: Ole and Knut Aastad Bråten. Virtuoso music and popular classical gems. Length: 70 minutes Kr 290/200 (T) NB! Package deal for Saturday evening for The Virtuoso and the Concert Quiz, Kr 350 (T)
  • 21:00 "Concert Quiz", festival finale, SMIA in Aurdal Informal and fun closing concert of the festival. Bente Hemsing will be the evening’s host, and all the festival artists will take part. Length: 70 minutes Kr 200/100 (T) NB! Package deal for Saturday evening for The Virtuoso and the Concert Quiz, Kr 350 (T) Sale of local food and drinks in SMIA Friday and Saturday evenings.